Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Environmental impact assessment and Site selection of municipal solid waste by Analytical Hierarchy Process Method using GIS method ( case study,Neishaboor city)    M.Sc.    shayesteh azimian, hassan    0000-00-00
2    Geomechanical characterization of a hydrocarbon reservoir using well data to evaluate the hydraulic fracture initiation and propagation, Case study: One of the Iranian offshore wells.    M.Sc.    ghandehari, saeed    0000-00-00
3    Assessment of Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Properties of Spillway Tunnel in Haraz Reservior Dam (Mangol)    M.Sc.    Fathi, Khosro    0000-00-00
4    improvement of in flated chalking soils    M.Sc.    Khabiri Noghani, Hamid    0000-00-00
5    Prediction Settlement of shallow Foundation with the Help of Support Vector Machine    M.Sc.    hosseini, abolfazle    0000-00-00
6    An investigation into the relationship between Cerchar abrasiveness index and petrography of igneous rocks of Iran            0000-00-00
7    Assessment of relationship between physical and mechanical parameters with waves velocity in limestone rocks            0000-00-00
8    Assessment of engineering properties of the clay-bearing rocks (shale and marl) in Godarkhosh dam site            0000-00-00
9    Assessment of brittleness and emperical corelations between physical and mechanical properties of the Asmari limestone in Khersan 2 dam site, in southwest of Iran            0000-00-00
10    Validity test of the ratio of fine particles to the Atterberg limits in calcareous soils            0000-00-00
11    Engineering geological and geotechnical investigation on East Kebar dam (Sork)    M.Sc.    karimi, mohammad reza    2010-09-05
12    Engineering geological and geotechnical study on Gharedanloo dam with emphasاs on grout curtain    M.Sc.    hediaty, hossein    2010-09-06
13    Land slide zonation in Keshvari watershed, south east Khorram Abad city.    M.Sc.    soori, salman    2010-09-06
14    Mass movement hazard zonation in Polroud earthdam reservoir    M.Sc.    DEHBAN, MARYAM    2010-09-06
15    Evaluation of the ground subsidence in mahyar southerly plain    M.Sc.    salehi, reza    2010-09-06
16    Investigation on the effect of oil contamination on strength properties of soils in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    Rajaie, Fateme    2010-09-07
17    Landslise potential hazard zonation in Shirin darreh dam catchment area    M.Sc.    ahmadian moqaddam, reza    2010-09-11
18    Investigation of geological and geotechnical engineering of Bar Nishabour dam site    M.Sc.    ranjbar, mohsen    2010-09-11
19    An investigation on effect dynamic compaction and static loads on shear strength of loess’s soils in Golestan Province    Ph.D    rezaiy, hamed    2010-09-14
20    Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) of the Bangestan Reservoir Rock in the Mansuri Oil Field    Ph.D    Amanipoor, Hakimeh    2010-09-14
21    An investigation on the Effect of Petrographical and Physical Properties on the Engineering Properties of Granitic Rocks    Ph.D    hemmati, ali    2010-09-14
22    Rock Mass Classification for Blastability Assessment in Open Pit Mines    Ph.D    akbari, majid    2010-09-15
23    Geotechnical investigation and stability analysis of Rezaei-Abbasi rout Energy Tunnel in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Vatanpour, Nahid    2010-10-15
24    Classification of alluvium and Pediment deposits for tunneling with EPB-TBM machine    Ph.D    Tarigh Azali, Sadegh    2011-02-04
25    valuatinEg the impact of some geological parameters on soil abrasivity via introducing a new method    Ph.D    Mirmehrabi, Hossein    2011-02-04
26    Geoenvironment impact assessment of Khuzestan water projects in order to preparation of preliminary geoenvironment studies guidance    Ph.D    KARAMI, RAMIN    2011-02-04
27    Preparation of a 3D model of Sedimentary Basin of Mashhad City and it’s effects on amplification of seismic waves    Ph.D    ghazi, azam    2011-04-04
28    Prediction of ground surface settlements of the tunnel using artificial neural networks    M.Sc.    ehsani, ali    2011-09-22
29    Assessment of geological parameters on soil abrasivity using LCPC machine    M.Sc.    hashem nejad, hashem    2011-10-22
30    Assesment of soil conditioning parameters for EPB –TBM Tunneling in Abuzzar Tunnel    M.Sc.    zandbabareesi, ebrahim    2011-11-01
31    Investigation of geological engineering and geotechnical properties of Safa dam site    M.Sc.    aghamolaie, iman    2011-11-05
32    Assessment of mineralogical properties on Cerchar Abrassiveness lndex    M.Sc.    moradi zadeh esfahani, masih    2011-11-29
33    Assessment of Soil Predominant Period in Margin South Fault of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Zohani, Mahsa    2012-02-06
34    Comparing the theoritical and actual land subcidance in deep tunnel of Shiraz metro using Plaxis    M.Sc.    Alipoori, Sayed Mohammad    2012-03-10
35    Permeability study in Chahchahe dam site for suggesting a sealing method with considering engineering geology properties    M.Sc.    jami, amir    2012-03-25
36    Present a Geological Grout Index (GGI) for rock mass    Ph.D    rostamibarani, hamidreza    2012-03-29
37    Indirect estimation of rock mass deformation modulus of Limestones using soft computing    Ph.D    Rezaei, Mohsen    2012-03-29
38    Evaluation of clogging potential for mechanized tunneling in clayey soils    Ph.D    khabbazi, amir    2012-03-29
39    Shahroud city Engineering geological map    M.Sc.    mohamade, mohsen    2012-09-22
40    Evaluating of the effects of petrology, physical and mechanical properties of rocks on rock drillability in limestone formations of Zagross    Ph.D    Hosseini, Reza    2012-09-29
41    Evaluation Engineering Geological Characteristics Isfahan City Quaternary deposits and Engineering Geological Mapping    Ph.D    dadkhah, rasool    2012-09-29
42    An investigation on geological, physical and mechanical chracteristics of Abderaz Marls Formation in North East Iran    M.Sc.    khalily, maasoomeh    2012-11-12
43    An investigation on the engineering geological properties of ultrabasic rocks in south of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Noorbakhsh Razmi, zohre    2012-11-19
44    Evaluation of soil liqefaction potentional In Babol City based on microtremor    M.Sc.    Khazaei poul, Ghasem    2012-11-21
45    Evaluation of engineering properties of Gypsiferous soils in south of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Asghari, Somaye    2012-12-05
46    Investigation on engineeing geological properties of marl from Qom formation    M.Sc.    firouzehi, yavar    2012-12-19
47    Effect of geological condition on using tunnelling machin Gimberi Diversion Tunnel in Afghanestan    M.Sc.    Pilevari, Ali    2012-12-21
48    Application of geostatistical models for geotechnical parameters zonation in Samen area, Mashhad    M.Sc.    asghary, hojat    2012-12-21
49    ٍThe effect of sedimentary basin on engineering property of Kerman city deposits    Ph.D    aminizadeh bazanjani, mohammad reza    2013-02-03
50    Evaluation of Engineering geology properties of Gypsum soil in South of Mashhad    Ph.D    babaei, monireh    2013-02-03
51    Investigation of engineering and geotechnical properties of Hashyan dam site    M.Sc.    shahrokhi, abolfazl    2013-04-09
52    Evaluation of Abrasiveness Potential of Igneous Rocks by use of the NTNU Abrasion apparatus    M.Sc.    Aligholi, Saeed    2013-08-31
53    Preliminary Soil pollution Zoning Map of Mazandaran province    M.Sc.    ahangari, arezoo    2013-09-06
54    Development of a 3-D Geological Engineering Model for Sedimentary Deposits of Mashhad City    Ph.D    Nasseh, Sepideh    2013-09-06
55    Engineering geology and Jack-up rigs Stability of Persian Gulf    Ph.D    Fattahi Bandpey, Maryam    2013-09-06
56    Investigation of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics of Shiraz Urban subway Line 2    M.Sc.    yazdan panah, farhad    2013-09-07
57    Evaluation of site effects using microtremor in South Pars Special Zone    M.Sc.    ansari, khaled    2013-09-08
58    Management and Optimum use of Urban runoff in Nishabour city    M.Sc.    bojabadi, zeynab    2013-09-08
59    Geometrical modeling of discontinuities in the Bafgh - Asfordy phosphate mine    M.Sc.    baghianibagheshahi, mohammadreza    2013-09-08
60    Investigation of land subsidence in Mashhad plain between Mashhad and Chenaran city by using hydrogeological data, geodetic, SAR imagery, and mathematical models    Ph.D    Dowlati, Javad    2013-09-08
61    Hydraulic fracturing modeling in petroleum reservoirs - SW of Iran (Ahwaz field)    Ph.D    Barat Emamgholy, Javad    2013-09-16
62    Reservoir study and modeling integration with geologjcal evaluation and geomechanical properties interaction as a solution for uncertainty analysis    Ph.D    KAZEMSHIROODI, SADJAD    2013-09-16
63    Assessment of geotechnical parameters of Birgand Molasses    M.Sc.    aminafshar, mohammad hosein    2013-11-11
64    Investigation of engineering geological properties and stability analysis of diversion tunne lof Hajilarchay dam    M.Sc.    dehghani, kazem    2013-11-11
65    urban sustainable development and environmental impact of construction and demolition debris (case study: mashhad city)    M.Sc.    MARAGHEHCHI, EHSAN    2013-12-15
66    Evaluation of Abrasiveness Potential of Igneous Rocks by using Cerchar Abrassiveness Test    M.Sc.    masoumiberneti, mansoureh    2013-12-16
67    Analysis of rock mass shear behavior using insitu tests in west of Zagros area    Ph.D    Hamid, Bahrami    2014-01-05
68    Evaluation and Prediction of Land Subsidence in Mashhad City due to groundwater withdrawal    Ph.D    salehi, fahimeh    2014-01-12
69    Stability assesment of Sabzkoh tunnel due to the varity of geological formation along tunnel route    M.Sc.    Hosseini Kinaki, Reza    2014-03-27
70    Estimation of Geomechanical parameters, using Committee machine with intelligent systems, to provide the Geomechanical model for South Pars Gas field    Ph.D    Akhundi, Habib    2014-07-23
71    Liquefaction risk assessment in Astana Ashrafieh city    Ph.D    Hajati Ziabari, sina    2014-07-23
72    Assessment of engineering properties of aggregates and provide criteria for the selection of these materials in Ardebilin area.    Ph.D    mohammadi golestan, hassan    2014-07-23
73    Geologic hazards of storage dam Haji Abad city Zirkoh with Special Reference to the dam liquefaction    M.Sc.    saharkhiz, mojtaba    2014-09-17
74    An Investigation Engineering Characteristics of Crushed Borrow Material in North east of Mashhad City    M.Sc.    azizi shojah, jalal    2014-09-17
75    Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of koohsangi's granite, Mashhad    M.Sc.    defaee, elahe    2014-09-23
76    Evaluation of soil liqefaction potentional based on SPT test    M.Sc.    malakshahi, mojtaba    2014-10-07
77    Evaluation of Engineering Geology and Stability Analysis of the Hamro tunnel between Sanandaj - Mariva    M.Sc.    shiri, mojtaba    2014-10-07
78    Estimation of gradiation and strength of uncohesuve soil using image proccessimg    M.Sc.    Faramarzi, Jamshid    2014-11-01
79    Assessment of physical and mechanical properties of sandstones of Fariman dam site    M.Sc.    mazoji, abdolrahman    2014-11-10
80    Investigation on physical and mechanical properties of Balast for Ardebil - Miyaneh railway    M.Sc.    azizi maleki, saeid    2014-11-22
81    Engineering characterization of Dehgheibi Granite    M.Sc.    sazgar, morteza    2015-01-21
82    Title: Geomechanical Assessment of Gachsaran Cap Rock Integrity During Gas Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery    Ph.D    amiri, mohammadkazem    2015-05-18
83    Investigation on sediment yield and quantitative and qualitative properties of runoff from sensitive lithologies, Case studies in Sangerd, Dahangale and Kakhk Reservoir dams Watersheds    Ph.D    Bagheriankalat, Ali    2015-05-25
84    Investigation on engineering geological properties of alluvial of central part of Kerman city and the effects of groundwater level rise on its engineering characteristics    Ph.D    Aghamolaie, Iman    2015-05-31
85    Geomechanical assessment of Gachsaran caprock integrity due to fault reactivation, during gas injection activities    Ph.D    taghipour, majid    2015-06-02
86    Evaluation the Geotechnical properties of Residual Soils in South of Mashhad    Ph.D    hosseini, saeedeh    2015-06-15
87    Providing Geological Hazard Atlas of Tehran city from the perspective of passive defense    Ph.D    fahimdanesh, shahab    2015-06-22
88    Seismic micro-zoning And vulnerability zoning Samen area    Ph.D    Hesami, Alireza    2015-07-20
89    Evaluation of subsurface conditions and identifying hidden faults in Tous area of Mashhad city according array microtremor    Ph.D    nemati, bi bi fatemeh    2015-07-21
90    The effects of urban wastewater on engineering properties of fine-grained soil in Mashhad    Ph.D    ghahremani, narjes    2015-07-25
91    Geomechanical and petrophysical modeling using seismic attributes    Ph.D    sharifi, javad    2015-07-25
92    Engineering geological properties of ultrabasic rocks in south of Mashhad city    Ph.D    Afshar, Salameh    2015-08-01
93    3D geomechanical modeling of petroleum reservoir using dynamic data in one of the oilfield in the Southwest of Iran    Ph.D    Najibi, َAlireza    2015-08-01
94    Engineering Geological of karst In North of Shirvan (Goloul and Sarani)    Ph.D    MOUSSAVI MADDAH, SEYED MOHAMMAD    2015-08-02
95    Investigation on engineering geological properties of phyllites in south Mashhad city    M.Sc.    borhani, ahmad    2015-11-22
96    Landfill location of neka city using geography information system(GIS) and analytical hierarchy process(AHP) and Topsis method    M.Sc.    salehi, soqra    2015-11-30
97    Zonning Subgrade Reaction Modulus of West Mashhad City    Ph.D    salari, pouya    2016-01-21
98    Modelling of hydraulic fracturing process by extended finite element method (Case study: one of the wells of iran oil fields)    M.Sc.    massoumi, amir    2016-04-17
99    Investigation of Relationship between Three-axial Test and Direct Shear Strength Parameters    M.Sc.    MANSOURIAN, DANIAL    2016-05-03
100    Evaluation of engineering properties and petrographical characteristics influncing of abrasiveness rate of Igneous Rocks from Sulduz water transmission tunnel route (part two, Exit tunnel)    M.Sc.    Taghipoor, Mahdi    2016-05-03
101    Engineering geological mapping of Shandiz    M.Sc.    safi yeganeh, mohammad    2016-05-12
102    Evaluation of Engineering geology properties of Tirgan Formation    M.Sc.    moradi, mohamadreza    2016-09-24
103    Geomechanical and numerical modelling of casing failure in siri Oilfield Zone in Persian Golf    Ph.D    bagha dashtaki, bahman    2016-10-26
104    An Investigation on the Mechanism and Engineering Geological Characteristics of Land Subsidence in Kashmar - Bardaskan Plain    Ph.D    SAEEIDI, HAMID    2016-12-21
105    Preparation of Engineering Geological Map of Kabul City    Ph.D    Alipoori, Sayed Mohammad    2016-12-21
106    Seismic Risk Assessment of urban transportion system of Mashhad city    Ph.D    sahebkaran, saeid    2016-12-24
107    Utilizing Magnesium slag and scum of the processing plant of Ghaleh Zari Cupper Mine in improving dessert roads    Ph.D    mohammadi, mojtaba    2017-01-01
108    Assessment of Relationship between Permeability, Rock Mass Rating and Q Classification Systems, and Grout properties in the Bakhtiary and Khersan2 Dam Sites    M.Sc.    zende del, saeedeh    2017-01-14
109    The study of relation between Lithological, Phisical and Mechanical properties of Asmari formation limestone and Gachsaran formation gypsum with karstification in Jarahi-Zohreh basin, east of Khozestan province    Ph.D    mohammadian, mohammad    2017-02-04
110    Geo-mechanical and geotechnical design at designing mineral pits in Khaf Sangan mines    Ph.D    shahmiri, rasoul    2017-02-15
111    Estimation of physical and mechanical parameters of rocks using drill cuttings with aim of the aplication in geomechanical investigations of the reservior    Ph.D    rastegarnia, ahmad    2017-04-17
112    Investigation of rock slide and rock fall mechanism and hazard zonation in Ringroad south of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Ahrary, Farzad    2017-05-08
113    Investigation of Engineering geological and erosion properties of the red marl in Sangerd watershed    M.Sc.    faizi, laila    2017-05-08
114    Evaluating Surface Fault Rupture Hazard Zones in Urban Areas (Case study: South and North faults of Mashhad city)    Ph.D    Hosseinpour Moghaddam, Mona    2017-10-16
115    Investigating the Effect of Various Nanoparticles to Improve Geotechnical Properties of Clean and Crude Oil Contaminted Sandy and Clayey Soils    Ph.D    Azimian, Abdolazim    2017-10-18
116    A model for estimating the amount of abrasion of various rocks using experimental data and comparison with drilling data    Ph.D    sharifi Teshnizi, Ebrahim    2017-10-18
117    Evaluation of Engineering geology properties of Kalat Formation    M.Sc.    emami shakib, hamid    2017-11-23
118    Investigation of engineering geological properties on sandstone of kope dagh    M.Sc.    shahinfar, marjan    2017-11-29
119    Engineering geology properties assessment of carbonate building stone(travertine)    M.Sc.    jalali, arezou    2017-11-29
120    Assessment of Engineering geological properties of carbonate building stone(marble)    M.Sc.    barzegar, hossein    2017-11-29