Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Impacts of Geological Formations on the quality of grandwater in Shoghan plain (North Khorasan)    M.Sc.    faraji, malihe    2018-11-10
2    Evaluation of Engineering geology properties of marbel of khalaj in south of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Hemmatee, leylee    2018-11-05
3    Assessment of Geomechanical Propertise of Darian Formatin Based on laboratory tests of drill cuttings and surface spacemens    M.Sc.    Keramati, Ehsan    2018-06-25
4    Study of shallow water flow in south of Caspian Sea    Ph.D    Noorbakhsh, Zohre    2018-05-14
5    Investigation on the engineering geological properties of different samples of granits and its realation between physical properties    M.Sc.    khajeh, hosein    2018-03-14
6    Assessment of Engineering Geology Propertise of Aghchagil Formation in the oil Well at Golestan    M.Sc.    khakzadsuchelmaei, hodayseh    2018-03-11
7    Evaluation of engineering geology properties of Pleistocene marl in North of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    izad panah mohammad abadi, elahe    2018-02-25
8    Investigating the effects of nanoparticles on geotechnical parameters and soil stabilization containing oil pollution and modeling the bearing capacity of the stabilized soils in the lab    M.Sc.    vaziri, nasibeh sadat    2018-01-22
9    Investigation of engineering geological properties on sandstone of kope dagh    M.Sc.    shahinfar, marjan    2017-11-29
10    Engineering geology properties evaluation of carbonate building stone (travertine)    M.Sc.    jalali, arezou    2017-11-29
11    Engineering geology properties assessment of carbonate building stone (marble)    M.Sc.    barzegar, hossein    2017-11-29
12    Engineering Geology Evaluation of Kalat Formation    M.Sc.    emami shakib, hamid    2017-11-23
13    Evaporation Reduction by Design and construction Floating Rock cover Products from Free Water Surface(Field and laboratory scale)    Ph.D    VASHEGHANIFARAHANI, MOHAMMADSHARIF    2017-11-14
14    Investigating the Effect of Various Nanoparticles to Improve Geotechnical Properties of Clean and Crude Oil Contaminted Sandy and Clayey Soils    Ph.D    Azimian, Abdolazim    2017-10-18
15    A model for estimating the amount of abrasion of various rocks using experimental data and comparison with drilling data    Ph.D    sharifi Teshnizi, Ebrahim    2017-10-18
16    Evaluating Surface Fault Rupture Hazard Zones in Urban Areas (Case study: South and North faults of Mashhad city)    Ph.D    Hosseinpour Moghaddam, Mona    2017-10-16
17    Investigation of rock slide and rock fall mechanism and hazard zonation in Ringroad south of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Ahrary, Farzad    2017-05-08
18    Investigation of engineering geology and erodibility of Red Marls in Sangard Basin    M.Sc.    feyzi, leila    2017-05-08
19    Estimation of physical and mechanical parameters of rocks using drill cuttings with aim of the aplication in geomechanical investigations of the reservior    Ph.D    rastegarnia, ahmad    2017-04-17
20    Geo-mechanical and geotechnical design at designing mineral pits in Khaf Sangan mines    Ph.D    shahmiri, rasoul    2017-02-15
21    The study of relation between Lithological, Phisical and Mechanical properties of Asmari formation limestone and Gachsaran formation gypsum with karstification in Jarahi-Zohreh basin, east of Khozestan province    Ph.D    mohammadian, mohammad    2017-02-04
22    Assessment of Relationship between Permeability, Rock Mass Rating and Q Classification Systems, and Grout properties in the Bakhtiary and Khersan2 Dam Sites    M.Sc.    zende del, saeedeh    2017-01-14
23    Utilizing Magnesium slag and scum of the processing plant of Ghaleh Zari Cupper Mine in improving dessert roads    Ph.D    mohammadi, mojtaba    2017-01-01
24    Seismic Risk Assessment of urban transportion system of Mashhad city    Ph.D    sahebkaran, saeid    2016-12-24
25    An Investigation on the Mechanism and Engineering Geological Characteristics of Land Subsidence in Kashmar - Bardaskan Plain    Ph.D    SAEEIDI, HAMID    2016-12-21
26    Preparation of Engineering Geological Map of Kabul City    Ph.D    Alipoori, Sayed Mohammad    2016-12-21
27    Geomechanical and numerical modelling of casing failure in siri Oilfield Zone in Persian Golf    Ph.D    bagha dashtaki, bahman    2016-10-26
28    Evaluation of Engineering Geology Properties of Tirgan Formation    M.Sc.    moradi, mohamadreza    2016-09-24
29    Engineering geological mapping of Shandiz    M.Sc.    safi yeganeh, mohammad    2016-05-12
30    Investigation of Relationship between Three-axial Test and Direct Shear Strength Parameters    M.Sc.    MANSOURIAN, DANIAL    2016-05-03
31    Evaluation of engineering properties and petrographical characteristics influncing of abrasiveness rate of Igneous Rocks from Sulduz water transmission tunnel route (part two, Exit tunnel)    M.Sc.    Taghipoor, Mahdi    2016-05-03
32    Geomechanical of hydraulic fracturing by extended finite element method (Case study: one of the wells of Iran oil fields)    M.Sc.    massoumi, amir    2016-04-17
33    Zonning Subgrade Reaction Modulus of West Mashhad City    Ph.D    salari, pouya    2016-01-21
34    Landfill location of neka city using geography information system(GIS) and analytical hierarchy process(AHP) and Topsis method    M.Sc.    salehi, soqra    2015-11-30
35    Investigation on engineering geological properties of phyllites in south Mashhad city    M.Sc.    borhani, ahmad    2015-11-22
36    Engineering Geological of karst In North of Shirvan (Goloul and Sarani)    Ph.D    MOUSSAVI MADDAH, SEYED MOHAMMAD    2015-08-02
37    Engineering geological properties of ultrabasic rocks in south of Mashhad city    Ph.D    Afshar, Salameh    2015-08-01
38    3D geomechanical modeling of petroleum reservoir using dynamic data in one of the oilfield in the Southwest of Iran    Ph.D    Najibi, َAlireza    2015-08-01
39    The effects of urban wastewater on engineering properties of fine-grained soil in Mashhad    Ph.D    ghahremani, narjes    2015-07-25
40    Geomechanical and petrophysical modeling using seismic attributes    Ph.D    sharifi, javad    2015-07-25
41    Evaluation of subsurface conditions and identifying hidden faults in Tous area of Mashhad city according array microtremor    Ph.D    nemati, bi bi fatemeh    2015-07-21
42    Seismic micro-zoning And vulnerability zoning Samen area    Ph.D    Hesami, Alireza    2015-07-20
43    Providing Geological Hazard Atlas of Tehran city from the perspective of passive defense    Ph.D    fahimdanesh, shahab    2015-06-22
44    Evaluation the Geotechnical properties of Residual Soils in South of Mashhad    Ph.D    hosseini, saeedeh    2015-06-15
45    Geomechanical assessment of Gachsaran caprock integrity due to fault reactivation, during gas injection activities    Ph.D    taghipour, majid    2015-06-02
46    Investigating engineering geological properties and three-dimensional modeling of sedimentary deposits in Kerman City and effect of water uprising on their engineering properties    Ph.D    Aghamolaie, Iman    2015-05-31
47    Study and Compairing of sediment yield and Quantitative and Qualitative properties of Runoff from sensitive Lithologies, Case studies in Sangerd, Dahangale and Kakhk Reservoir dams Watersheds    Ph.D    Bagheriankalat, Ali    2015-05-25
48    Title: Geomechanical Assessment of Gachsaran Cap Rock Integrity During Gas Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery    Ph.D    amiri, mohammadkazem    2015-05-18
49    Engineering characterization of Dehgheibi Granite    M.Sc.    sazgar, morteza    2015-01-21
50    Investigation on physical and mechanical properties of Balast for Ardebil - Miyaneh railway    M.Sc.    azizi maleki, saeid    2014-11-22
51    Assessment of physical and mechanical properties of sandstones of Fariman dam site    M.Sc.    mazoji, abdolrahman    2014-11-10
52    Estimation of gradiation and strength of uncohesuve soil using image proccessimg    M.Sc.    Faramarzi, Jamshid    2014-11-01
53    Evaluation of soil liqefaction potentional based on SPT test    M.Sc.    malakshahi, mojtaba    2014-10-07
54    Evaluation of Engineering Geology and Stability Analysis of the Hamro tunnel between Sanandaj - Mariva    M.Sc.    shiri, mojtaba    2014-10-07
55    Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of koohsangi's granite, Mashhad    M.Sc.    defaee, elahe    2014-09-23
56    Geologic hazards of storage dam Haji Abad city Zirkoh with Special Reference to the dam liquefaction    M.Sc.    saharkhiz, mojtaba    2014-09-17
57    An Investigation Engineering Characteristics of Crushed Borrow Material in North east of Mashhad City    M.Sc.    azizi shojah, jalal    2014-09-17
58    Estimation of Geomechanical parameters, using Committee machine with intelligent systems, to provide the Geomechanical model for South Pars Gas field    Ph.D    Akhundi, Habib    2014-07-23
59    Liquefaction risk assessment in Astaneh-Ashrafieh city    Ph.D    Hajati Ziabari, sina    2014-07-23
60    Assessment of engineering properties of aggregates and provide criteria for the selection of these materials in Ardebilin area.    Ph.D    mohammadi golestan, hassan    2014-07-23
61    Stability assesment of Sabzkoh tunnel due to the varity of geological formation along tunnel route    M.Sc.    Hosseini Kinaki, Reza    2014-03-27
62    Evaluation and Prediction of Land Subsidence in Mashhad City due to groundwater withdrawal    Ph.D    salehi, fahimeh    2014-01-12
63    Analysis of rock mass shear behavior using insitu tests in west of Zagros area    Ph.D    Hamid, Bahrami    2014-01-05
64    Evaluation of Abrasiveness Potential of Igneous Rocks by using Cerchar Abrassiveness Test    M.Sc.    masoumiberneti, mansoureh    2013-12-16
65    urban sustainable development and environmental impact of construction and demolition debris (case study: mashhad city)    M.Sc.    MARAGHEHCHI, EHSAN    2013-12-15
66    Assessment of geotechnical parameters of Birgand Molasses    M.Sc.    aminafshar, mohammad hosein    2013-11-11
67    Investigation of engineering geological properties and stability analysis of diversion tunne lof Hajilarchay dam    M.Sc.    dehghani, kazem    2013-11-11
68    Hydraulic fracturing modeling in petroleum reservoirs - SW of Iran (Ahwaz field)    Ph.D    Barat Emamgholy, Javad    2013-09-16
69    Reservoir study and modeling integration with geologjcal evaluation and geomechanical properties interaction as a solution for uncertainty analysis    Ph.D    KAZEMSHIROODI, SADJAD    2013-09-16
70    Evaluation of site effects using microtremor in South Pars Special Zone    M.Sc.    ansari, khaled    2013-09-08
71    Management and Optimum use of Urban runoff in Nishabour city    M.Sc.    bojabadi, zeynab    2013-09-08
72    Geometrical modeling of discontinuities in the Bafgh - Asfordy phosphate mine    M.Sc.    baghianibagheshahi, mohammadreza    2013-09-08
73    Investigation of land subsidence in Mashhad plain between Mashhad and Chenaran city by using hydrogeological data, geodetic, SAR imagery, and mathematical models    Ph.D    Dowlati, Javad    2013-09-08
74    Investigation of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics of Shiraz Urban subway Line 2    M.Sc.    yazdan panah, farhad    2013-09-07
75    Preliminary Soil pollution Zoning Map of Mazandaran province    M.Sc.    ahangari, arezoo    2013-09-06
76    Development of a 3-D Geological Engineering Model for Sedimentary Deposits of Mashhad City    Ph.D    Nasseh, Sepideh    2013-09-06
77    Engineering geology and Jack-up rigs Stability of Persian Gulf    Ph.D    Fattahi Bandpey, Maryam    2013-09-06
78    Evaluation of Abrasiveness Potential of Igneous Rocks by use of the NTNU Abrasion apparatus    M.Sc.    Aligholi, Saeed    2013-08-31
79    Investigation of engineering and geotechnical properties of Hashyan dam site    M.Sc.    shahrokhi, abolfazl    2013-04-09
80    ٍThe effect of sedimentary basin on engineering property of Kerman city deposits    Ph.D    aminizadeh bazanjani, mohammad reza    2013-02-03
81    Evaluation of Engineering geology properties of Gypsum soil in South of Mashhad    Ph.D    babaei, monireh    2013-02-03
82    Effect of geological condition on using tunnelling machin Gimberi Diversion Tunnel in Afghanestan    M.Sc.    Pilevari, Ali    2012-12-21
83    Application of geostatistical models for geotechnical parameters zonation in Samen area, Mashhad    M.Sc.    asghary, hojat    2012-12-21
84    Investigation on engineeing geological properties of marl from Qom formation    M.Sc.    firouzehi, yavar    2012-12-19
85    Evaluation of engineering properties of Gypsiferous soils in south of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Asghari, Somaye    2012-12-05
86    Evaluation of soil liqefaction potentional In Babol City based on microtremor    M.Sc.    Khazaei poul, Ghasem    2012-11-21
87    An investigation on the engineering geological properties of ultrabasic rocks in south of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Noorbakhsh Razmi, zohre    2012-11-19
88    An investigation on geological, physical and mechanical chracteristics of Abderaz Marls Formation in North East Iran    M.Sc.    khalily, maasoomeh    2012-11-12
89    Evaluating of the effects of petrology, physical and mechanical properties of rocks on rock drillability in limestone formations of Zagross    Ph.D    Hosseini, Reza    2012-09-29
90    Evaluation Engineering Geological Characteristics Isfahan City Quaternary deposits and Engineering Geological Mapping    Ph.D    dadkhah, rasool    2012-09-29
91    Shahroud city Engineering geological map    M.Sc.    mohamade, mohsen    2012-09-22
92    Present a Geological Grout Index (GGI) for rock mass    Ph.D    rostamibarani, hamidreza    2012-03-29
93    Indirect estimation of rock mass deformation modulus of Limestones using soft computing    Ph.D    Rezaei, Mohsen    2012-03-29
94    Evaluation of clogging potential for mechanized tunneling in clayey soils    Ph.D    khabbazi, amir    2012-03-29
95    Permeability study in Chahchahe dam site for suggesting a sealing method with considering engineering geology properties    M.Sc.    jami, amir    2012-03-25
96    Comparing the theoritical and actual land subcidance in deep tunnel of Shiraz metro using Plaxis    M.Sc.    Alipoori, Sayed Mohammad    2012-03-10
97    Assessment of Soil Predominant Period in Margin South Fault of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Zohani, Mahsa    2012-02-06
98    Assessment of mineralogical properties on Cerchar Abrassiveness lndex    M.Sc.    moradi zadeh esfahani, masih    2011-11-29
99    Investigation of geological engineering and geotechnical properties of Safa dam site    M.Sc.    aghamolaie, iman    2011-11-05
100    Assesment of soil conditioning parameters for EPB –TBM Tunneling in Abuzzar Tunnel    M.Sc.    zandbabareesi, ebrahim    2011-11-01
101    Assessment of geological parameters on soil abrasivity using LCPC machine    M.Sc.    hashem nejad, hashem    2011-10-22
102    Prediction of ground surface settlements of the tunnel using artificial neural networks    M.Sc.    ehsani, ali    2011-09-22
103    Preparation of a 3D model of Sedimentary Basin of Mashhad City and it’s effects on amplification of seismic waves    Ph.D    ghazi, azam    2011-04-04
104    Classification of alluvium and Pediment deposits for tunneling with EPB-TBM machine    Ph.D    Tarigh Azali, Sadegh    2011-02-04
105    valuatinEg the impact of some geological parameters on soil abrasivity via introducing a new method    Ph.D    Mirmehrabi, Hossein    2011-02-04
106    Geoenvironment impact assessment of Khuzestan water projects in order to preparation of preliminary geoenvironment studies guidance    Ph.D    KARAMI, RAMIN    2011-02-04
107    Geotechnical investigation and stability analysis of Rezaei-Abbasi rout Energy Tunnel in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Vatanpour, Nahid    2010-10-15
108    Rock Mass Classification for Blastability Assessment in Open Pit Mines    Ph.D    akbari, majid    2010-09-15
109    An investigation on effect dynamic compaction and static loads on shear strength of loess’s soils in Golestan Province    Ph.D    rezaiy, hamed    2010-09-14
110    Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) of the Bangestan Reservoir Rock in the Mansuri Oil Field    Ph.D    Amanipoor, Hakimeh    2010-09-14
111    An investigation on the Effect of Petrographical and Physical Properties on the Engineering Properties of Granitic Rocks    Ph.D    hemmati, ali    2010-09-14
112    Landslise potential hazard zonation in Shirin darreh dam catchment area    M.Sc.    ahmadian moqaddam, reza    2010-09-11
113    Investigation of geological and geotechnical engineering of Bar Nishabour dam site    M.Sc.    ranjbar, mohsen    2010-09-11
114    Investigation on the effect of oil contamination on strength properties of soils in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    Rajaie, Fateme    2010-09-07
115    Engineering geological and geotechnical study on Gharedanloo dam with emphasاs on grout curtain    M.Sc.    hediaty, hossein    2010-09-06
116    Land slide zonation in Keshvari watershed, south east Khorram Abad city.    M.Sc.    soori, salman    2010-09-06
117    Mass movement hazard zonation in Polroud earthdam reservoir    M.Sc.    DEHBAN, MARYAM    2010-09-06
118    Evaluation of the ground subsidence in mahyar southerly plain    M.Sc.    salehi, reza    2010-09-06
119    Engineering geological and geotechnical investigation on East Kebar dam (Sork)    M.Sc.    karimi, mohammad reza    2010-09-05
120    Environmental impact assessment and Site selection of municipal solid waste by Analytical Hierarchy Process Method using GIS method ( case study,Neishaboor city)    M.Sc.    shayesteh azimian, hassan    0000-00-00
121    Geomechanical characterization of a hydrocarbon reservoir using well data to evaluate the hydraulic fracture initiation and propagation, Case study: One of the Iranian offshore wells.    M.Sc.    ghandehari, saeed    0000-00-00
122    Assessment of Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Properties of Spillway Tunnel in Haraz Reservior Dam (Mangol)    M.Sc.    Fathi, Khosro    0000-00-00
123    improvement of in flated chalking soils    M.Sc.    Khabiri Noghani, Hamid    0000-00-00
124    Prediction Settlement of shallow Foundation with the Help of Support Vector Machine    M.Sc.    hosseini, abolfazle    0000-00-00